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aunt anna’s russian korolevsky cake (king’s cake)
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aunt anna’s russian korolevsky cake (king’s cake)

It’s a little late to realize I can’t give everyone here a portal gun.))

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I should probably post the really important headcanons first, huh?

IVaN (which is an acronym I’ll have completely figured out later) is, of course, an artificially intelligent, passive-agressive central core computer system. His place in the Portal timeline isn’t set and I’ll be jumping around as I see fit or for roleplay convenience purposes. He gets a jolly out of mentally and emotionally messing with his test subjects, but doesn’t get particularly violent until further down the line. In his “lair”, he is usually attached to the ceiling much like GLaDOS is, but he has an android body that lays stomach-down on the white plates like the ones seen on GLaDOS’ underside. His body can be unattached with all the wires unplugged from his body and he can walk around, though he has very limited control of the facility and can’t see using security cameras like that.

I’ll get his backstory and other things up later.


Mika Aoki

In her works, Mika Aoki attempts to make viewers look differently at subjects such as viruses, reproduction and the origins of life. In these works made out of glass, Aoki imitates the micro-kingdoms we glaze over every day. For more information on Aoki’s work, click here

- Lee

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a new blog and I’m a little nervous. uwu I’m still working on the headcanons page, so until I can get that up I’ll post miscellaneous ones here and there!))